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  1. Depression may keep some men from fighting prostate cancer
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  4. 'Revolutionary' drug for prostate cancer - BBC News

Prostate cancer often metastasis to the bones, leading to chronic and severe pain, bone fractures, disability, and a decreased quality of life. In addition, bone disease and its complications are often the cause of prostate-cancer related deaths. A new radiopharmaceutical, Radium trade name Xofigo has been recently approved by the FDA for monthly injection over six months.

It can provide symptom control, pain relief, and improved survival among CRPC patients with bone metastases.

Depression may keep some men from fighting prostate cancer

The therapy is covered by Medicare. Radium is the first alpha-emitting radiopharmaceutical to reach the market and considered to be a significant advancement in care for those patients in whom chemotherapy has not been effective. Following intravenous injection, Radium is handled by the body similar to calcium, so it naturally travels to and deposits in the bone where it delivers high energy particles that kill cancer cells in the bone.

Particles released are short-range, so damage to nearby tissue is minimized. Increasing survival and offering symptom relief, Radium in many ways represents a significant breakthrough in the treatment of this debilitating condition. Patrice K. Both tests can be administered by your doctor.

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If there is detection of any abnormalities, it will be addressed with further testing and treatment right away. It is advisable for men to see their doctor on a regular basis and speak to them about any prostate abnormalities or how to get screened for prostate cancer. It is especially important for men over the age of 50 to go and get yearly prostate exams, as their risk of developing prostate cancer increases. The Movember Foundation works towards providing funds for programs that will change the way men view going to the doctor, being ill and asking for help.

Would you like to get involved? It allows my 95 year mother to attend family gatherings at my home or at restaurants.

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The caregivers are excellent, very kind and considerate. On time, professional, and give quality service.

Thanks for all of the help 24Hr! I would highly recommend their services. I worked with Ryan specifically and he did an outstanding job with my grandmother - kind and timely!

Will be using 24Hr from here out! I recently had a friend of mine who was looking for senior care options for her dad.

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She wanted to move him to LA from Houston. After doing some research, I found and reached out to 24 Hour Home Care. I was able to speak with one of the owners….

'Revolutionary' drug for prostate cancer - BBC News

Having the ability to go to work and not worry throughout the day, is priceless. Our caregiver, Bethany has been working with my mother for a couple years. She goes above and beyond the call of duty and we completely trust her. I think everyone will agree, finding a caregiver for a loved one is certainly no easy task, and once a decision is made there is much worry that goes along with it.