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But with each discovery he must confront disturbing truths about himself and the agency he's pledged to serve. Instead, it's packed full of new pleasures, not only new characters and settings but whole new kinds of writing. If Annihilation is an expedition novel painted with a thick coat of weird, then Authority is a spy novel given the same dark lacquer.

Which makes me desperate to know what the third book is going to be like--whether it will be some mixture of the two, Jurassic Park meets James Bond, or some third thing entirely. Penumbra's Hour Bookstore. The great thing about Authority is the way it takes the premises that we think we know about that world and turns them inside out, destabilizing everything in a way that makes it even more strange and elusive, and makes us the ones who feel paranoid.

A stunning book, followed by a second stunning book that makes you rethink the first. Skip to main content. Search form. Not what you normally expect from a mistress of suspense like Allison Brennan, right? This book is of the same outstanding quality as her others, this storyline is filled with twists and turns galore, and I just loved the realistic characters in it.

I guess that may be what made me cry: this is a novel about human trafficking, which is very REAL, very serious! The heroine, Sonia Knight, was in fact herself a victim of this way-too-profitable crime; when she was 13 her Fatal Secrets made me cry. The heroine, Sonia Knight, was in fact herself a victim of this way-too-profitable crime; when she was 13 her own father!!! She escaped, barely, and was one of the lucky ones. The Texas Ranger who rescued her took her in rather than let her get lost in an underfunded foster care system not set up for this can you just imagine the special needs of such a traumatized teen?!

Flashforward 21 years and Sonia is now a very dedicated agent of ICE, the Immigration section of Homeland Security that deals with trafficking.

Promise Falls Trilogy

That is what made me cry. Brennan researched well and used honest statistics, input from actual agents and more to achieve the serious tone of this book. Are you shivering yet? Several virgins were "set aside" but rape was routine for the other girls; when they were found to be pregnant upon arrival, they were murdered as they no longer had value. I especially liked the way Ms. Brennan showed the various agencies working together - for a change - to save these girls and stop the traffickers.

Money laundering is a big part of human trafficking, you see. GQ-looks aside, its his intelligence and commitment that attract Sonia. Perhaps the most interesting character, however, is Charlie, an ex-ICE agent and previously Sonia's mentor and boss.

The Secret of the Nagas

Charlie has seen so much, so many horrifying stuff, that he no longer can take it playing by the rules; rules that often allow criminals to keep operating longer which means more girls lost. You can't really blame him for snapping and becoming a for-hire retrieval expert. This subject is being uncovered by authors like Allison Brennan and Karen Rose, and I for one am glad. Life means nothing to these crimanals except for how much money they can make.

I am relieved to know we are working on this problem internationally, but more must be done. Runaways are especially at risk; once shipped out of the United States, the chance of rescue is almost nil. Whoever said romantic fiction is all fluff is crazy. We are blessed with caring authors like this who entertain us but also inform us. Please read this book; you will be entertained, but I bet you will also cry as you listen to Sonia Knight. Another pseudo-romance in this romantic suspense. It was a great novel, but again, I get the feeling that the non-existent build up to this relationship was almost an afterthought for this author.

It's frustrating to me that if this had been written by a man, this would never have been thrown under the cloak of a romance novel. While there isn't any really descriptive acts of rape, there is a scene or two that made me want to close my eyes Most of the girls and boys involved are underage, so beware if that's a hot button for you. I will say that Brennan writes with a lot of passion Overall, though I'm disappointed with the lack of relationship build up and kissy faces, I was thoroughly entertained.

Great book! View all 5 comments. May 29, Diane rated it really liked it. Great read - the heroine is a likeable character, a bit too sensitive for her line of work, but she uses her weakness to do the job. She deals in finding and arresting the scum that deal in human trafficking - a very despicable trade, in my opinion. A bit of angst and a bit of romance another one right up your alley Kjen , great detective work, and really bad guys that you just love to hate! Dec 03, Ryann Uden rated it really liked it. ICE agent Sonia Knight is a survivor.

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She fought back when she was sold as a child and almost caught in the world of human trafficking. Now she fights for those that can't fight for themselves.

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They recognize the strength and confidence in each other right away but soon they begin to be more than just partners. Once again, Brennan pulls you into a story full of both tragedy and hope. The very real world of human trafficking is more than disturbing, but seeing characters triumph over evil is both tension filled and rewarding. Jun 30, Megan rated it liked it. As far as romantic suspense goes, this one had a better romance plot than you get with most books. The subplot with Charlie was necessary, but I don't think it was done well enough I felt no attachment to any of the characters and the book just kept going on - it took forever to wrap up to a conclusion.

Feb 20, Darcy rated it liked it Shelves: , romantic-suspense.

I did like this book and do think that these types of crimes are horrific, but it seemed we were inundated with facts of trafficking time and time again. I sort of admired Sonia, but didn't really like her. She was so obsessed with her job it seemed to define her and not in a good way. I also thought that Dean was blah.

I more enjoyed seeing more of the Rogan's, who we have heard quite a bit of with in these books. View 2 comments. Aug 14, Theresa rated it really liked it. Holy Cow!! This was a very intense read. There were points that I actually jumped and was shocked at the actions that were taken. And the topic is so real. People don't realize that the topic of human trafficking really does exist. I am a tad annoyed that this book is cataloged as a romance. I would put in under Suspense. Very exciting read!

Anita Greenberg What athriller. Could not put it down. One of the best I've read in. Cannot wait for the next thriller. Such a pleasure to really get into a story that captures you and you cannot wait to see the outcome.

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Loved every minute of every page. Thanks so much.

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Apr 20, Kate Singleton rated it really liked it. Good story with a few twists. Sep 03, Sue Sparks rated it really liked it. Feb 26, Ann rated it it was amazing. Loved it! Jun 12, Danielle rated it did not like it Shelves: a-dnf , brennan-allison-fbi-trilogy. Too many names - rushed ending.