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While going to school full time, Rebecca worked full time at law firms in San Francisco. Once graduating, Rebecca continued a very successful career as a paralegal, legal assistant and litigation secretary.

by Mark Twain

While riding BART on her commute Rebecca continued her writing career and started the first of her 7 novels. In Rebecca was struck by a vehicle as she crossed the street in San Francisco. This life altering experience caused Rebecca to move far into the country to find a country road her mother and grandmother had talked so much about. She and her family moved to Paris, Kentucky, where Rebecca completed nearly all 7 novels. Rebecca continues to write in her home office at Finnegan's Run with her family and two dogs Merlin and Oliver.

Rebecca has also started her own remote paralegal support company called E-Global Legal Support Services serving law firms worldwide. When not working at E-Global or writing novels, Rebecca spends her time working on her 12 acre farm with her two collies, Magic Merlin and Mr. Though Rebecca reads a substantial number of Indie writers Rebecca's favorite authors include the greats. When book strikes a controversial chord, it invites trouble, but it also makes for an excellent book. I have learned that to be a good story teller, you have to break rules, you aren't perfect, you don't have professional editors unless you can afford them Being an Indie writer has been an amazing experience Are you an author?

Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Previous page. Kindle Edition. Next page. Blog post. The Winter Chill. Hello my amazing fans! Yes, I realize it has been more than a year since any blog! I am sorry…. Yikes, I am supposed to keep up with social media but of course, social media gets lots of people into trouble.

So why add to it by blogging all of the time? Who wants to hear what I really think anyway? You write the wrong thing, wear the wrong hat and …like super-dang…. You are mobbe. Merry Christmas from Finnegan's Run! Merry Christmas and Best New Year ever to all of my family, friends and fans! Edgy for me, very erotic, but I love it and so far it is doing fantastic. Other exciting news is that all of my books are now released in paperback!

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From the first book The Letter to my latest book, Medici Prince! Some of them went through a slight revamping and that process is continuing.

The Revolution Trilogy, by Rick Atkinson

That is the plight of an Indi-Author. Hello to All! Are we ready for Belmont Stakes? I will be hosting a small party…very small…. Anyone that knows anything about horses knows something about Paris, Kentucky. Cheers to all — Yikes, I know! I should have blogged long ago! Unfortunately, my life took rather complex turns and twists, which is, undoubtedly, the story of my life. Maybe that is why I write such unique books.

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This blog was supposed to be another interesting past story, however, instead, I do need to give an update on next book…and my move. America in your hand, saving the beer, Final Chapter.

I think people who are artists and writers live rich lives because of their deep passion. In my case, it gets me into lots of trouble at times, but at others I think it brings miracles and amazing things are accomplished. I am going to tell this story through a boo. Derby I am out of the gate Thank you so much all of you for reaching out to me. I have done nothing to deserve it. God is so good to me. How to live up to such an honor? I am working on it.

Now, I could talk. Derby Oaks. Move aside boys I wish my mother had lived to see a race. Cheers to you mom and a cure that will come in time for someone's mother, sister, wife Today, I hope to catch Oaks on t. Magic and the Light. Thank you again for visiting my blog. I humbly appreciate it. I appreciate it…but why would anyone follow me? I am sure I am not worthy. However, thank you so much…thank you with all that I am.

I will try to live up to it.

I guess that is why I only blog when the moment hits me. Triple Crown - Misty Bluegrass Thank you once again to my fans worldwide. Please feel free to contact me. Have been able to trace back to John Stewart , his father James then hit a dead end. I was also told that we are related to Mary Queen of Scots. Then there are us wily Stuearts who seem to mix things up a bit. I wonder where our DNA would fall. Does anyone have the link for checking DNA for Scottish marker, that they could share?

Are U.S. Railroad Gauges Based on Roman Chariots?

These Y-DNA tests seem expensive. How extensive of a marker needs to be checked? Looking for history on on Clarence Wayne Stewart who resided in starke Florida and who also had a twin brother who died at birth if you have any info please email.

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Lots of stewarts buried in oatmeal, texas. My dad has done quite a bit of research on ancestry. The Scots started to settle in Poland since the mid 15th century. Several from this family line resided in Poznan and grew into a rather large family. Many of them assimilated into the local Polish population.

With so many people doing the Y-DNA and mtDNA test we are finding out more and more about this family line that seemed to have spread out across the world. It was hard to believe at first that some of my ancestors that were supposed to be Polish ended up being Scottish. Thanks to DNA at least I know the truth.

This is my family line and my great grandfather immigrated from Poland. I have difficulty with registrations because I have Eastern European and I know something was said about them going back to get records but Moscow Uprising and Nazi Germany happened so my family was not able to learn. My mother was a Stewart. Whave our line traced back to a dr. John Stewart that came from Scotland in and landed in long island ny.

I would love to know where I could pick up the line over there. The rumor in my family was that we were related to Mary Queen of Scots. In fact, we pre-date Mary. I traced our lineage all the way back to Robert II. What clan would we be? Are they descendants of Robert II? Affiliated with C.

I would love to meet some of my cousins from across the pond. I am a descendant of Henry the 7th 8th and of course Mary Queen of Scots.


My grandmother and grandfather almost went back to England when my father was still but a child. They inherited Estates in Scotland and England but sadly the upkeep on the Estates would have been a great deal of money. The states were then transferred into the next of line.