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They are looking for a Sales Manager to be based in the UK to grow their business in the market. Functions - Drive new business revenue and growth - Identify new opportunities, build and develop a pipeline to achieve business targets - Account Management of existing customers - Identify client needs and promote the company's solutions - Ensure successful client negotiations - Management of a Sales Representative - Maintain regular status reports to HQ - Keep records of sales, revenue, invoices etc.

It is intended for speech therapists, occupational therapists and neuropsychologists. Coyote Transports COYOTE provides real-time information on speed limits, dangers locations, traffic hazards and traffic conditions to a Community of 4. Devpriv Security World first solution protecting laptops against 3 major dangers on the go : - Protecting at public wifi hotspots Hacking wifi - Protecting from usb pendrives Malware in pendrive - Protecting data carrried How much time to find code? In a new way to think and work on privacy! Diabeloop Health Tech Diabeloop is developing an integrated solution to better manage Type 1 Diabetes "artificial pancreas".


Diabeloop has been founded in France in The system will be on market in Europe in the course of the first semester of Dibotics Components We provide a suite of Intellectual Property, Algorithms and Engineering services to achieve mobile autonomy, advanced 3D perception and situation awareness. Digisafe Enterprise XP DIGIT presents KypSafe, a Plug-and-Play mobile and connected solution that identifies hazardous areas on construction or work sites, and locates and alerts workers on sites in real-time, when they're near danger. Based on micro-localization, KypSafe keeps workers aware and safe.

Digitsole Sport tech Digitsole is the world leader of connected footwear products. We notably created, the Smartshoe, the first interactive, connected and auto-lacing shoe, the Warm Series, the first connected and heated insole and the Run Profiler -the first connected insole that analyses your stride in 3D. We are here in CES to unveil Aladin: a magic connected lamp with a genie inside, that saves elderly people's life.

Drone Interactive Drones The drone revolution for the amusement industry. Step into a new era of entertainment experiences. We are developing the next generation interactive attractions for theme and amusement parks based on the latest drone and AR technologies. Westgate - The kit monitors movements and tracks hygiene and health, with the goal of helping the user stay at home for at least 36 months before needing extra care. E-Vone Health Tech The e-vone revolution is hidden away inside the sole.

An innovative electronic device captures the person's movements. This device includes a GSM for autonomous communication in more than countries a GPS for geolocalization , different movement sensors gyroscope, accelerometer, pressure sensors and finally, a vibration point to inform and reassure the wearer Eureka Park - Through an array of products by Havr and its parent company Ekla, are shining light into your homes, offices and cities and so revolutionizing the manner in which data is gathered and transmitted.

The ELMER project started 2 years ago when we decided to develop a disruptive shower concept combining easy installation with qualitative materials and a pleasant design. Enedis Smart City Sand - Energysquare Accessories Energysquare is developing a new "power by contact" charging technology. The company has built a charging standard that can be integrated in every device shape and geometry, with no power limits. Engie Smart City Eureka Park - Enhancia Audio We wanted to push the limits of musical interaction, to create an interface that does not replace an instrument, but completes it, that is why we imagined Oria.

Oria is a connected which translates motions into musical effects to allow artists to push the limits of their digital instrument Innovation Award — Honoree Eureka Park - Enjoy Your Business Enterprise EnjoyUp is the first mobile app to capture the best of your life, providing real-time group discussions and the ability to capture what you have said. Besides, Joy, the AI is here to make sure you never lose a good idea anymore.

Pastry classes in Bordeaux and Toulouse - Labo&Gato - Labo & Gato - Reservations

Esprit Audio Audio High end audio cables from France. One hundred percent handmade in France since Euveka Enterprise Euveka is specialized in robotic technologies applied to morphology and biomimicry. The company develops smart connected mannequins using a custom software to support fashion, sport and medical professionals in prototyping and selling well-adjusted fit. Event Bots Robots Company of conception and production of humanoid robots intended for the market of the retail and the event, via the hiring and the sale.

ExactCure Health Tech Our Digital Twin bio-models the effects and interactions of drugs within your body, based on your personal characteristics. It is the result of years of fundamental research.

Easily leverage your health IoT and tune the best treatment in real time with our Medical Device! Exalt3D Retail Exalt3D offers solutions for broadcasting high quality 3D scenes, enriching web pages for communication or online sales. It empowers websites by giving 3D interactions and customization capabilities for manufactured products or space environments.

Exsens Video or VR Exsens has developed and markets a 3D photo booth that generates in a few minutes the digital double of an individual, to be used for fitness, health, fashion, video games, advertising, broadcasting. EyeLights Transports Manufacture and marketing of head-up guidance solutions for motorcycles and driving aids.

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We develop with cardiologists, university researchers, physicians, international athletes, and other experts the new ways of active prevention to face CVD CardioVascular Diseases. Familink Health Tech Familink is a easy to use, plug-n-play, 3G photo frame for the older generation. Fenotek Smart home Fenotek develops innovative products for the Smart Home bringing real comfort to the user and a clear value proposition. Whether you have small data or big data, your engineers will be able to translate their knowledge and expertise into powerful applications to solve operational problems, improve efficiency and create new opportunities.

Fizimed Health Tech Fizimed is a start-up developing EMY, an innovative connected medical device to stop urinary incontinence for women through pelvic floor reeducation Eureka Park - Foosball Society Sport tech The first social network for efoosball players. All the thrills of traditional table football, the backing of a social network.

Free2move Transports Free2Move gives you access to every single carsharing provider in your city. Funky Sound Studio Audio International Audio Focused startup France and California Fueled by the passion for sound and high tech we create beautiful, and even smarter listening objects designed for the modern world. GiroNac Transports GiroNac help make driving safer for motorcyclists. For this, we experiment and innovate every day. We offer solutions for your motorcycle. GIROPTIC has an international team, with over man years of relevant experience in semiconductor and visual computer design engineering.

Glowbl Enterprise WeShopping by Glowbl makes merchant websites completely collaborative based on video conferecing: shoppers can invite friends and family online to share in real time their shopping experience together, like they would do in real life: compare items, book a travel, choose clothes, pre-select a car The coupling of virtual and real contact generates in the user the illusion of touching a real object in VR. We are an innovation design company made by haptic experts designing solutions for VR.

It designs and manufactures innovative products to improve waste management. Greenme Smart home GreenMe is a French startup improving the quality of the workspace environment. We help businesses make their offices healthier, safer, greener and happier! Thanks to a connected cube with its dedicated service, Eureka Park - Groupeer Security Instant counting solution for secure group exits Westgate -.


Gyrolift Transports Gyrolift develop inclusive mobility solutions Eureka Park - The company has integrated this software in its social and cognitive robot - Haapie-One, a versatile personal assistant. Hap2U Accessories Hap2U technology brings an additional sensorial dimension to any tactile surface: the sense of touch. Just by tapping or sliding your finger on the screen, you feel like you are turning a real knob, pushing a real cursor and perceiving various textures. Happie Enterprise Haapie designs and develops technologies for M2M dialogue interfaces including speech recognition, cognitive systems and dialogue management modules.

Hardware Club Ecosystem Eureka Park - Havr Smart home Havr designs smart locks using a new technology. With Havr, your smartphone becomes your digital key. Helite Transports Helite is a leader in airbag wearable technology. When a fall is detected, both airbags deploy automatically over the hips before the impact with the ground.

Helper Drone Drones Helper is frenchtech startup created by a doctor and 2 engineers for saving lives by drones. Placed in the south west of France we developed our products with a skilled team to create : softwares, drones, medical.. We want to expand our technologies around the world for assisting the rescuers. The smartbutton can adapt to different needs depending on our client.

HEROZ offers a new daily interaction between the brand and its clients and participates to creating a new bond between them. HEROZ is a smart, design and secured wristband. Hexadrone Transports Hexadrone is a mechatronics company specializing in the design of drones, nacelles and other accessories. Holi Smart home Holi is a startup who fights for your sleep quality. Hopen Family Smart home Magic! You can now follow the adventures of your loved ones - and it is as simple as turning on the TV. Hostabee Smart City Hostabee has developed a connected module, named "B-Keep" that allows beekeepers to remotely monitor the lifecycle of a hive and its bees.

Hostabee helps beekeepers fight the collapse of bee colonies. You'll be able to open your home, get identified at your work, make payments and start finally lock and start your car by a simple gesture. Welcome to the Future.

Icohup Components RIUM is a low-cost, high-performances and small radioactivity detector, connected to a mobile application that everyone can easily use. Icon Charge Accessories The perfect charging solution for public and co-working spaces Eureka Park - Immersive Therapy Health Tech Our goal is to design and build fun therapeutic platforms, exploiting virtual and augmented realities and bringing a serious game vision to the medical world.

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Ingenious Things Smart home We are innovating, designing and bringing smart objects on market. InnovSante Health Tech First connected health startup for the development of an international digital social security Eureka Park - Interactive Mobility Mobility Interactive Mobility develops innovative solutions to enhance comfort and passenger experience in transports. Invoxia Smart home Invoxia designs connected objects that facilitate daily life, and that rely on the integration of web services, artificial intelligence, and low consumption networks.

Innovation Award — Honoree Sands - IoTwimm Enterprise The new way for Field Service Management, Twimm provides both an intelligent platform for contractors, who perform operations on building assets such as elevators or heaters, and for property managers who contract them.

Dżinsy i odzież damska

We improve the online reputation of companies and persons as well as we protect their privacy. Join more than 4 billions of users all around the world and check your banks and insurance policies to know if you are already protected, if not, just visit : osculteo.

La Bible - Livre Audio — 2 Rois — Français

FACIL'iti provides adaptations for various visual, cognitive or mobility impairments. Janasense Health Tech Janasense is a connected service that empowers people to become active players of their own well-being and reassure their loved ones at the same time. Jobbers Smart home Jobbers is a Smart Assistant designed to improve the quality of life at work and at home. Jollyclick Other The world's first dating site for projects and talents Eureka Park - K-Ryole Transports K-Ryole is an electric self-propelled trailer, revolutionizing loads transport by bike!

From enephro, a tool for the follow-up and management of CKD patients, to our predictive marketing tool, Sailendra, we are revolutionizing the field of health tech with our smart solutions and medical studies. Also used in logistics, insurance, IoT, industry, legal. Its mission is to provide its clients with equipment, software and services to design, launch and operate IoT networks.

KineQuantum Health Tech KineQuantum is the first virtual reality evaluation and rehabilitation solution.

Conceived by a physical therapist for physical therapists, KineQuantum provides a challenging and immersive experience to your patients, engaging them into their therapy.