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  2. Dá pra ser feliz...apesar do medo
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Quem cala, consente. Quem canta seus males espanta. Quem casa quer casa. Quem conta um conto, aumenta um ponto. Quem desdenha quer comprar. Quem faz um cesto, faz um cento. Quem quer, faz. Quem sabe, sabe. Quem se mistura com porco come farelo. Quem tem boca vai a Roma.

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Quem tudo quer, nada tem. Roupa suja se lava em casa.

Talk:Portuguese proverbs

Vai andando. Um homem prevenido vale por dois. The cheapest things are the most expensive ones. The worst blind is the one who doesn't want to see.

Dá pra ser feliz...apesar do medo

For those who know how to read, a dot may be a letter. He who makes a basket, makes a hundred of them.

If you want it done, do it yourself. Otherwise, ask someone else to. He who knows, knows. He who doesn't know, claps his hands. If marriage were a good thing, there would be no witnesses. Since , we have been helping people from all over the world to learn the Brazilian language.

Portuguese Proverbs: 99 Brazilian Sayings for All Ocasions

Almost all of our resources are FREE. Nunes has been creating language resources since Talk to us. Learning Portuguese may be faster than you imagine. Ajoelhou, tem que rezar. Hope is the last one to die. Hunger is the best seasoning. Necessity makes the frog jump. At night all cats are brown. Our union makes us stronger. Life begins at 40!

Amor com amor se paga. Apressado come cru. Dos males, o menor. Muito riso, pouco siso.

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Many found it simply impossible to convey the experience of battle to their families at home. There were other factors that should be kept in mind.